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Industry Value

SITUATION ANALYSIS     All data sourced from ABARES
So Why Save the Australian Cattle Industry?




The Meat Industry is doing well, it is just the grass-fed cattle component that needs reviewing and restructuring, and policy made to ensure the restructure remains a success.
These charts show that the money is there, in the system, but producers are just not receiving it.
There is a way forward! If we fix the current system so that producers will receive a constant equitable share of that $500 per beast. The cake is big enough, we can all have a share of it!There is no way Australian cattle can be the “cheapest” in the world, but skilled Australian farmers can sustainably turn off enough beef to provide a decent protein ration for 60 million people.

In a world facing a food crisis, Australia has an obligation to produce beef, because we can, efficiently and cleanly.

And first world distribution systems must find consumers who can pay prices that reflect the sustainable costs, instead of taking the value from the producers’ pockets



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