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List  of  recommendations

Recommendation  1 7.25  The committee  recommends  that  a  producer-owned  body  be  established by  legislation. The body  should  have the  authority  to receive  and  disperse  the research and development, as well as  marketing component, of the cattle transaction levy  funds. The producer-owned  body  should  also  be authorised to receive  matching government research  and development funds. Reforming the Cattle Council of  Australia to achieve these  outcomes  should  be examined  as part of this process.

Recommendation  2 7.30  The committee  recommends  the  establishment  of  a cost-effective, automated  cattle transaction  levy  system. The system  should identify  levy payers against levies paid. The automated system should provide for  more immediate settlement  of levy  fees  paid  and the allocation  of voting  entitlements. It  should  be subject to  regular  independent  auditing and verification.

Recommendation  3 7.35  The  committee  recommends  that  the  Primary Industries  (Excise)  Levies  Act 1999  be amended to  ensure that levies paid  by  processors are recognised  as processor (or slaughter) levies and not  as producer (or  cattle transaction) levies.

Recommendation  4 7.39  The committee recommends that the  Australian  National Audit Office conduct an  audit of  the cattle transaction  levy  system, tracing  the levy  from inception  and focusing on the revenue from, and  expenditure of, the respective components of the levy.

Recommendation  5 7.41  The  committee  recommends  that  the Minister for  Agriculture  dissolve the Red  Meat  Advisory  Council. The  committee further recommends  that the Minister for Agriculture establish  a new  system  to manage and  disperse earnings from  the Red  Meat  Industry  Reserve Fund,  in consultation  with  the  industry.

Recommendation  6 7.44  The committee recommends  that the Minister for  Agriculture  revoke the status of the MLA  Donor Company  as an  approved  donor  under the  Australian Meat and  Live-stock Industry  Act 1997.

Recommendation  7 7.46  The committee recommends  that the Department  of Agriculture, in consultation with the  cattle industry, conduct an  analysis of the benefits, costs and  consequences  of  introducing legislation  akin  to  the  Packers  and  Stockyards Act 1921  and  Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting Act 1999

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