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Do We Need a Royal Commission into Meat Industry Structure?

 Do We Need a Royal Commission into Meat Industry Structure?

 The ACCC has just come out saying, “the cattle and beef industry has not acted on most recommendations made by the ACCC, back in 2017”.

Surprise, surprise in 2014, an Independent Senate came out with seven recommendations stating, “the industry needed transparency”, as there was none at that time. Another recommendation made, was to disband the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) along with the MLA donor company.  

Over the years we have seen numerous enquiries, however, nearly all recommendations have been shelved.  I have no doubt in my mind why this was the case, or why recommendations weren’t acted upon.

In this latest report, ACCC has expressed concern about the lack of support and the degree of resistance against the recommendations, from many national bodies that represent producer’s interests.

 Recommendations made previously, by the Senate were, “the government should provide support for financial assistance and official recognition of Cattle Australia, to replace CCA.  It was noted that the CCA had withdrawn from the implementation committee.

It was interesting to note, that the implementation committee was successful in getting $500,000 towards a new Cattle Corporation.  CCA representatives voted against applying for it. This new body would have seen producers elected from each region, throughout Australia.  A one vote, one enterprise voting system.  Democracy at its best.  However, as stated previously, this would not suit a lot of people.

It now appears, that the government in its wisdom, is going to give CCA a proportion, if not all the $500,000 originally promised to the implementation committee.

It seems the Minister and the government seem to think this is an industry matter, to be sorted out by the industry.   Surely the recent banking inquiry has shown, were there is smoke there is fire and the Government and Minister have a responsibility.   To simply ignore and bury one’s head in the sand, will come straight back to bite.

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