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Senate Enquiry!

Dear ABA Member,

Demand the Senate hold an inquiry into your levy management

Write a letter NOW!

In mid November, in response to representation from cattle producers, the Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce indicated he would support a Senate inquiry into the funding of Cattle Council, and the collection and management of the $56m cattlemen annually pay in levy fees.

The matter is to be referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Regional and Rural Affairs and Transport (RRAT)  

This committee acts on instruction from the Senate (not a Minister).  Its decision to hold an inquiry is based on the views of its members, and the Senate as a whole.

Australian Beef Association has been advised that other established beef and meat industry organisations are aggressively resisting the holding of this inquiry.

It is very important for Grass Fed Cattle Producer that this inquiry proceeds.  It is very important the terms of reference are not restrictive, so please clearly state the guidelines as written above.  We are not asking for a review or inquiry into MLA but a review of the funding system and grass fed Cattle Producers’ representation.

As a matter of urgency, please write to ‘All Members of RRAT’ requesting an opened-ended inquiry into “the collection, disbursement and management of Grass Fed Cattle Producer levies”.

One page is plenty. Remember, this is not a submission, but a request to proceed with the inquiry.  In your own words, just say what you think.

ABA has argued that Grass Fed Cattle Producers need a platform for collection action, given we operate in a hostile commercial environment, which is dominated beyond the farm gate by well organised local and multinational corporations.

We argue that the MLA/CCA bureaucracy is not set up to address the real commercial and technical challenges faced by Grass Fed Cattle Producers.

ABA is asking for reform – essentially a democratic, representative, and technically capable organisation to represent our interests and to help build a sustainable future for the production side of this valuable food chain.

Address you email or letter requesting an inquiry to:

All Members Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport

Email your letter to:

Mr Tim Watling, Committee Secretary RRAT     rrat.sen@aph.gov.au

Post your letter to:

The Secretary Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport
 P O Box 6100

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600 

Please also consider writing to:

1) Your local Federal Member.   You can find your local member’s email at: www.aph.gov.au

2) Your local State Member

3) Anyone who is interested

Thank you


Any inquiries call David Byard on 0409 426 710

email: ausbeef@bigpond.com

website: https://austbeef.com.au

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