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Cattlemen, if your livelihood relies on the sale of cattle, you need to be at Roma Showgrounds,  Wed 10th July at 9.30am.

We get the lowest cattle prices in the developed world, but have the highest regulatory costs.

Cattlemen  have no control over their $56million worth of levies…..a cost that has no benefits for producers.

We need our own democratic beef board!

Wednesday 10th July,  Roma Showgrounds.

*Hot food available early*


Chairman;   Ashley MacKay
9.30 am Welcome introduce Chairman of meeting.
9.35       Brad Bellinger. Explanation of the Red Meat Industry Structure.How effective have MLA levies been in lifting cattle producers profitability.
              Where we are positioned in the world with our cattle prices.
9.50       David Byard .The supermarket duopoly.Meat Standards Australia a grading system in disarray.Producers share of the retail dollar.
10.05     John Niven .National Livestock Identification Scheme,a costly failure.
10.15     Rowell Walton.Farm debt crisis working group.
10.25     John Newton.Bindaree Beef breakthrough in using processing waste for power and fertilizer,a good news story.
10.35     Panel to include speakers.Chairman to invite question from the floor .
Second session
11.05     Jed Matz.Andrew Ogilvie.Cattle Council proposal for restructure.
11.20     Linda Hewitt.ABA proposed restructure of Cattle Cattle into a Beef Producers Board.
11.35     Norman Hunt.Brief on his involvement with restructure of Australian Meat Processing Council.Opinions on restructure of cattle producers representative body.
11.40     Panel to include second session speakers.Chairman to invite questions and statements from the floor with the aim of achieving a majority consensus for an agreed restructure
of a body that will represent cattle producers.This is the most vital part of the meeting.Our political representatives have requested that the outcomes of this section of the meeting be presented to them.
1.30      Meeting close,however this time frame is flexible.Lunch will be available from this time and questions from the floor will still be taken if the need arises.
NB;hot food available with tea and coffee before the start of meeting with drinks available after lunch.This is to be a bipartisan constructive meeting with an outcome. The ABA wishes to thank  the Cattle Council for their participation.

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