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The Australian Beef Association will be hosting a vital forum for beef producers next month, in the lead up to September’s federal election. <Click here for details>;

ABA Chairman Brad Bellinger said that the crisis within the production sector of the beef industry was worsening by the week. An analysis of debt levels in Queensland put the crisis into perspective, with average ruraldebt escalating rapidly. In two years we have seen a increase in average debt from $1m to $1.4m, and in the last 6 months, it is growing exponentially towards $1.7m.

Aggregate debt has risen from $1b to $9b in a 12 year period within the Queensland beef industry. Producers are borrowing heavily to operate.

This forum is designed to not only deliver information to producers, but to send a message to our political leaders that immediate action is required.

While it is painfully clear that prices are unsustainable, this forum will put those prices into perspective in a world overview and reveal who is making the most profit along the beef industry supply chain. Legislative requirements to put some of the fat back into producers pockets will also be explored.

The current re-structure of the Cattle Council will also be discussed with CCA, CEO Jed Metz, and President Andrew Ogilvie presenting their restructure proposal. ABA will then present their own proposal for the restructure. Producers will be able to put forward their own views from the floor.

Representatives from the major political parties have also been invited with reserved time to reveal their beef industry policies

After 15 years, it is quite obvious that the Anderson ‘Red Meat Industry Structure’ needs to be reviewed and replaced with a more representative body that is responsive to producers’ concerns. This forum will not only reveal how and why current beef representation has failed us, but allow producers to comment as well.

Mr Bellinger encouraged producers to bring along their own prepared statements so that we can collate them and deliver them to the policy makers.

This is a vital forum held at a time of absolute crisis for Australia’s beef producers. “I urge beef producers to attend and become motivated to help rectify this lack of leadership and profitability” said Mr Bellinger.


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