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ABA Submission to ACCC & Productivity Commission

ABA Submission to ACCC & Productivity Commission

PRODUCTIVITY COMMISSION AUG/SEPT 2010ABA has made 4 submissions to the Productivity Commission Enquiry into Rural R&D.
In summary, ABA estimates MLA has spent $700m on R&D and commissioned about 4,000 projects.
MLA can only identify 575 projects and ABA can locate less than 400 completed reports in the MLA R&D data base.
ABA askes: Where is the science?The first submission described MLA’s inadequate output, reporting and accountability.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th rebutted statements in MLA’s submissions.

ABA submissions are numbers: 154 and 162. And DR272, DR273 and DR 292ACCC INQUIRY INTO GROCERY PRICING 2008ABA has made two submissions to the ACCC inquiry into grocery pricing.
To read the ABA submissions click on the links below.
The first submission addressed the impact of the supermarket duopsony on the efficiency of the beef chain and cattle prices.
The second was written in response to a request from the ACCC to explain the practical aspects of selling cattle and the negotiating options for beef producers. (For a copy of this contact the ABA office)To read other submissions visit the ACCC website: www.accc.gov.auLook for “Groceries” on the home page


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