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BJD – QUEENSLAND: Andy Says Enough Is Enough! - Australian Beef Association – Australian Beef Association


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BJD – QUEENSLAND: Andy Says Enough Is Enough!


I read with interest the article in QCL on 27.12.12 headed Levy to aid producers under BJD threat .I totally agree no individual producer should bear the cost, if there is no alternative use the same scheme as BTEC.The industry can’t stand any more levies. The forecast is for a reduction in beef prices to producers in 2013.The northern industry can’t stand any more overheads as the Holmes McCosker report commissioned by MLA in 2010 shows. Debt is at record levels and rose by 17.2% in the last two years (QRAA 2012 Debt Survey).The affected producers already have enough on their plate without any more economic constraints on their business.The latest figures available on the RMAC web site as at the 30.6.2010 shows the industry already has $40 million of compulsorily acquired money sitting in a fund. This is only being used to fund voluntary organisations which represent approximately 10% of the industry.CCA $ 548,166SCA $ 289,598

AMIC $ 804,584

GIC $ 26,110

ALFA $ 309,323

RMAC $ 188,531

ALEC $ 164,157

This money is sitting there in a fund that was set up specifically for just such an emergency if the industry decides this is the best way forward.

There is no need for additional levies.

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