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To the Editor re NLIS – by John Niven

To the Editor – by John Niven

3060 Mary Gilmore Way
Bimbi NSW 2810
Ph 02 6347 1220To The EditorDear Sir/Madam,

The latest avalanche of propaganda and threats from the National Livestock Identification System Compliance section of NSW Dept Primary Industries mirrors the thinking of Colonel Muammar Gaddaffi.

There is no NLIS requirement for market access, sheep or cattle, mob based or individually identified. The threat of electronic tags for sheep confirms the failure of the current system. There is no price discrimination or stock segregation because of this failure. We have had this electronic nonsense with cattle for 6 years and not one carcase has been identified and withdrawn from the food chain, or transferred to a different market because of non compliance with NLIS.

It is impossible to verify, if the current tag attached to an animal is the only tag ever attached to that animal. Many producers simply change the tags to save hassles; checking saleyards compliance is a sick joke.

The impact statement to justify the introduction of NLIS clearly states it is NOT for an exotic disease outbreak such as Foot and Mouth, yet we are constantly bombarded with propaganda, as to how essential it would be. The millions of wild pigs, goats and deer would indicate to any sensible person the impact statement was correct.

It is well past time the perpetrators of this nonsense came clean and an opportunity for compliance officers to tell Minister Hodgkinson the truth.
Yours sincerely,

John Niven

Posted By: Mrs SALLY BLACK
Australian Beef Association
P.O. Box 529

Mowbray, Launceston, TAS7250

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