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About Submissions

Cattle Levy Senate Inquiry Submissions

The committee encourages the lodgement of submissions in electronic form.
Submissions can be lodged via the Online Submission System which can be accessed at: 
Or Email to rrat.sen@aph.gov.au, o
Or Post to:

   Committee Secretary
   Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee
   PO Box 6100
   Parliament House
   Canberra ACT 2600

To view submissions already submitted click here.

Senate Enquiry Sample Submission

Suggestions on how to make a submission.
Please do use your own words, and opinions.

This is just a guide for those of you who want to say something, but cannot think how to start your letter.  Read the questions listed below first, they may help you to decide how you feel, or what to write about, after you have thought about them.
Good luck, and thank you for your support of your own industry.

Some Questions To Ponder
  1. After 16 years of Cattle Council of Australia representing you, do you feel they have been strong leaders and strong policy makers?
  2. After 16 years of MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) do you believe that the $1.6 billion they have spent has been effective for the industry? (that’s an average of $100M a year!)
  3. Do you believe that the current structure is relevant to grass fed producers?
  4. Do you believe CCA is funded well enough to do their job?
  5. As a cattle producer, do you feel your bottom line or profitability has been improved by MLA’s research, information, or marketing?
  6. Would you go to MLA with a problem and ask for help?
  7. Do you learn anything from reading the MLA newsletter “Focus”
  8. Do you feel your voting rights are able to bring about change in MLA, or affect an opinion?
  9. After 16 years, do you  have any desire to call for Cattle Council and its funding arrangements  to be reviewed and restructured to better serve the grass fed producers?
  10. Do you know that your opinion is very important in this industry?
  11. Did you know that the Senate Committee will rate the importance of this Inquiry based on the number of producers who will write in to them?

ABA wants you to write a submission, tell the Senators what you really feel, and support the holding of Senate Inquiry hearings around the states to review how our $50+million of GRASS FED ONLY levies is used for the benefit of producers only.


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