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Representing the interests of American Beef producers
R-Calf USA has 18,000 financial beef producer members and is America’s fastest growing organisation representing the interests of US beef producers.R-Calf recognises that producers are in direct competition with processors for a share of the consumer dollar.
R-Calf also recognises that processors are prepared to profit at the expense of American producers by encouraging the US governmant to compromise animal health regulation to allow beef and cattle imports from Canada which is affected by BSE and South American known to have FMD. The ability of these countries to monitor and enforce animal health standards is unknown.To learn more about how R-Calf USA click on this link www.r-calfusa.com: R-CALF USAFor more background on how markets are corrupted by powerful traders such as monopoly processors and supermarkets, look at the Website of the Organisation for Competitive Markets: www.competitivemarkets.com OCM

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